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Pepper spray units

We have recently become Ataraxia agents and would hereby like to introduce you to the Ataraxia pepper spray system in an effort to help protect your property.

Security guards and alarm systems are expensive and reaction is often too late because the damage is already done.

This system consists of a pepper spray unit that can be installed in pump stations, stores, outbuildings and containers. The pepper spray is released when the infrared eye detects any movement making access to the immediate area impossible. The advantage is that it will serve as a delay mechanism during a burglary and will ensure that no equipment can be removed due to the presence of pepper spray until a response unit arrives at the scene. This system can also be integrated with any existing alarm systems.

In addition the system can be connected to a GSM commander that will immediately notify various parties of the attempted burglary. The GSM commander can be programmed to detect low pepper spray levels, power outages etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require a quotation or any further information.